Guest Post: Must Try Skincare Regimens For Healthy Glowing Skin

Skincare is so essential because the skin is the largest organ of the body. It also protects our internal organs, so its good to return the favor. Most important is the fact that the state of your skin determines your overall outlook.

Nobody wants to have dry, scaly, spotty, unhealthy skin. However, the beautiful and smooth skin you desire cannot appear like magic. You have to adopt healthy skin care habits and regimens to promote healthy skin growth. Here are a few things you can do and use to have and maintain beautiful skin.

- Cleanse and moisturize always

A regular cleansing and moisturizing skin care routine will keep your skin glowing. Use products that unclog the skin pores and keep your skin from drying up which can trigger skin breakouts. Find a skin cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that works for your skin type and use it every day without fail.

Never sleep without cleansing your skin as it regenerates in the night as you rest and must be makeup and dirt free. Keeping dirty skin encourages breakouts and can also hasten skin aging. Use natural skin care products with as little preservatives as possible to cleanse and moisturize your skin. It will help keep your skin looking young and supple as well as keep away unwanted skin problems.

- Exfoliate your skin often

The skin is always regenerating itself throughout the day even if it does most of its regrowth in the night. Therefore you have lots of dead skin cells that you need to get rid of from the surface of your skin. If you don't slough off dead skin cells, you may end up with dull looking skin and blocked pores.

Get an excellent exfoliant for your skin and exfoliate at least once every two or three weeks. You can make one at home with simple ingredients such as sea salt and essential oils, or you can purchase a commercial one. Whatever you choose, exfoliating your skin is a must if you want to maintain glowing, healthy skin.

- Sun protection

Spending a lot of time in the sun without protecting your skin can cause aging. It may also cause skin problems such as sunspots, and in worse conditions lead to skin cancer.

You should always use sun protection when you are outside. It will help protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more to adequately protect your skin. Reapply it the longer you stay outside such as when you are at the beach.

- Juicing for great skin

Did you know that chlorophyll from green vegetables is an excellent skin tonic? Well, it is, and you should have at least one glass of green juice from green vegetables every morning to maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. Green juices are also great for detoxing the body.

Try to add vegetables such as celery, kale, spinach or beetroot in your green juice and see how it benefits your skin and health. You can also take fruit juices once in a while from fruits such as watermelon, lemon, green apple or pawpaw. Of course, no liquid beats water so drink lots of it too to maintain clear skin.

- Eat a healthy diet

What you eat will determine the state of your skin. If you enjoy eating fatty foods, taking lots of alcohol and sugary beverages, don't be surprised if your skin is oily and spotty or even dry.

Healthy skin care requires ingesting lots of fruits and vegetables and taking a lot of water. Also, consume healthy oils such as olive oil to ensure that your skin remains supple and smooth. You should eat lots of seeds and nuts too as they contain healthy fats and oils for great skin.

- Use natural oils and soaps in your skincare regimen

Apart from ingesting healthy oils, you can also use them in your skin regimen topically. Here are a few carrier oils you can use in your skin treatments that will help your skin glow.

1 Tamanu oil

If you have skin problems such as eczema, acne, and rosacea tamanu oil is a great one to use in your skincare routine. It can also work wonders for skin rashes, sunburn, insect bites and stretch marks.

Tamanu oil comes from the nuts of Ati trees found in the South Pacific. It has antioxidant properties which means it can protect your skin from the damage of free radicals which cause aging. It also promotes cicatrization which encourages fast healing and regeneration of damaged skin tissue and cells. Tamanu oil also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help protect your skin against dangerous microbes that can cause unwanted skin flare-ups.


Its easy for tamanu oil to be absorbed by your skin because it is light. It also has a fantastic aroma and makes a perfect carrier oil for any skin care regimen you choose. Start using cold pressed Tamanu oil to enrich your skin and keep it soft and supple and you will be amazed at your beautiful skin.

2. Avocado oil

Most people love eating avocados because they contain lost of healthy fats and oils as well as vitamins for our bodies. It's time to use healthy oils from avocados for your skin regimen.

Cold pressed avocado oil contains vitamins A, B, D, E and K. Its also rich in minerals such as lutein, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and manganese. Best of all it contains high amounts of omega three, six and nine fatty acids that can do wonders for your skin.

Using avocado oil regularly in your skin care regimen will improve elasticity and fight off dryness by moisturizing and nourishing your skin cells. It can also prevent and heal inflammation as well as regenerate damaged skin tissue fast.


If you have stretch marks, you can use avocado oil to help minimize them as you improve the overall quality of your skin. Its a must have skin carrier oil for anyone looking to maintain great skin naturally.

3. Evening primrose oil

Among the little known great skin oils is evening primrose oil. It has fantastic benefits not only for skin care but also for treating hormonal issues. It comes from a wildflower whose seeds are cold pressed to get the precious oil. Most of the time, you will find this oil in capsule form as it can be ingested and works amazing this way too.

It's always the test of any natural oil that it must be good to eat even as you use it on your skin or hair. Evening primrose oil passes the ingestion test. It also contains lots of omega six fatty acids you can use to maintain healthy skin.

Evening primrose oil also has anti-inflammatory properties to help treat flare-ups from skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis among others. It will regenerate your skin and help to make it firmer, softer and smoother with time.

You can also extend the use of evening primrose oil from skin care to hair care. Add it in your shampoo or favorite hair oil and use it to promote healthy hair growth.

4. Green tea soap

If you care about beauty and natural skin care, then you often take green tea. Its packed with antioxidants and is also a popular remedy for weight loss. However, few people know that green tea soap exists and it can help to maintain healthy skin as well.

Well, green tea soap is one of the best skin cleansing items you can have in your beauty cabinet. It has a sweet smelling aroma, is excellent for clearing and preventing skin breakouts, and does not strip your skin of its natural oils.

The reason green tea soap is useful for prevention of skin problems is its antibacterial properties. Combine this with the fact that it contains lots of antioxidants and you have a skin cleanser that protects and heals your skin.


Green tea soap will promote healthy skin regeneration to prevent premature aging and give you glowing, healthy skin. So get one for your skin care regimen today! Also, if you don't drink green tea, maybe you should start for the benefit of your skin.

- Avoid hot showers

Although taking a hot shower may feel amazing, it's not good for your skin. If you want to have supple and firm skin, you need to have cold showers routinely. You can also opt for warm showers if you absolutely detest cold water and then end your shower with a cold rinse always.

Although cold water may bring on the chills, its the best way to perk up your skin and lock in moisture by temporarily tightening your skin pores. It also boosts circulation and can decrease puffiness and redness for those dealing with skin inflammation. Taking a cold shower will also benefit your hair even as you do it to protect your skin so make it a part of your skin regimen starting today.

These are a few good skin care habits you can adopt as well as some healthy skin care products to use in your skin care regimen. Your skin will always give you what you put into it. So give it the best if you want to have and maintain healthy, smooth and supple skin.

Written by Lori Longoria

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