• September Is Pain Awareness Month

    Do you or someone you know suffer from pain daily? Millions of people around the world deal with pain every day. September is Pain Awareness month so on this episode of the Plantlife Podcast, we talk about pain awareness. While not all pain can be remedied, we have a few... Continue Reading
  • How Are Essential Oils Made?

    Ever wonder how essential oils are made? On this episode of the Plantlife podcast, we talk all about how essential oils are made and the different processes that are involved in essential oil distillation. We wanted to focus on this topic and a little about the history of essential oil... Continue Reading
  • DIY Hair Texturizing Spray

    Are you in need of more volume and texture in your hair? Today we are showing you how to make an all natural texturizing spray. You don't need chemicals or synthetics to get the volume that you want.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuhfdhOA2gw&feature=youtu.be Continue Reading
  • Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

    Over the past few years activated charcoal seems to have taken the health and beauty world by storm. In case you were wondering, no it is not the charcoal that you use in your barbeque grill. Activated charcoal can come from natural sources like coal, wood, or other substances. At... Continue Reading
  • National Relaxation Day!

    Did you know that August 15th is National Relaxation Day? We're discussing ways to relax your body, mind, and spirit on this weeks podcast. Let us know your favorite ways to relax! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21iH-HeIsE4   Continue Reading
  • Essential Oils For School

    Looking for more natural ways to have a better school year? Or maybe you have a student at home you want to help or even a tiring job. In this episode of the Plantlife podcast, we tell you about a few essential oils for school that will help you focus... Continue Reading
  • 6 Best Carrier Oils For Skin And Hair

    Did you know carrier oils can improve the look of skin and hair? Are you looking to add a few oils into your hair care or skin care routine? Not sure which ones to choose? From dry damaged hair to aging or problem skin, there's an oil for you! If you aren't... Continue Reading

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