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  • Guest Post: Deborah Lysholm from HeartBeat Studios

    A BIT ABOUT ME: My name is Deborah Lysholm, owner of Heartbeat Performing Arts Center in Apple Valley, MN. We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip hop, break dance, leaps & turns, dance line, flamenco, Hawaiian and comprehensive programs in singing, acting and piano. Our student base ranges... Continue Reading
  • We Love Lemongrass!

      Native to Asia and India, Lemongrass has become popular in many different industries from culinary to medicine to skin care and cosmetics. Here at Plantlife, it is one of our staples! We love Lemongrass and we think you should too! Latin name Cymbopogon Flexuosus, this perennial grass has been... Continue Reading
  • Plantlife Holiday Gift Giving Guide – Top Ten Picks for 2012

    Not sure what to give the host of next weekend’s holiday party? Did you pick the hardest to shop for person for Secret Santa? Or maybe you’re confused about what to get for the in laws? Tis' the season to give, naturally! We have ten suggestions that will fit anyone on... Continue Reading
  • Naturally Independent

      Every Fourth of July, I find myself thankful.  Thankful for the opportunities that our great nation affords. That I can wake up every morning free from the tyranny and oppression so many suffer is reason enough but, it’s there in the small, fathomable details that I also find myself... Continue Reading
  • Plantlife User Suggestion: Fusing Plantlife Aromatherapy Soap Bars!

    Plantlife Soap user Phillip A. emailed us recently with his brilliant idea of fusing two complimentary Plantlife soaps together.  Read the email below for an exceptionally fun idea for fresh bars as well as left over soap bits!  We love this concept and appreciate Phillip sharing with us. I've been... Continue Reading
  • Mother's Day Ideas

    If, like me, you are procrastinating on choosing that perfect gift or planning a memorable excursion for the special Mom in your life, here are some fun facts and ideas to help motivate you!

    Don’t forget, you can still get 20% off any gift set, free gift wrap and be entered into our drawing to win $50.00 of free Plantlife product.

    To get the 20% discount on a Gift Set purchase, enter the coupon code MOM20 at checkout. Coupon is good until Saturday May 7th. For free gift wrap, check the gift wrap option at checkout. Please order by Friday April 29th for timely delivery.


    Where Does Mother’s Day Come From?

    Two prominent women played key roles in laying the groundwork for Mother’s Day in
    the US.

    The first, Julia Ward Howe called on mothers to essentially protest war and
    celebrate “peace and motherhood” in 1870. Ms. Howe funded many celebratory events
    and though the sentiment never gained the popularity she wished for, she did plant the
    seed for the observance as we know it today.

    Anna M Jarvis was the second woman to campaign for a nationally recognized holiday
    after the death of her own beloved Mother. Due to her diligent campaign with her
    Mother’s church, the first official Mother’s day took place on May 10th, 1908. In the
    same year, U.S. Senator Elmer Burkett proposed making Mother’s Day a national holiday
    at the request of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).

    Anna Jarvis worked tirelessly to petition organizations to support her in obtaining
    national recognition for Mother’s Day. Her hard work paid off as in 1914, President
    Woodrow Wilson signed it into national observance declaring the second Sunday in May
    as Mother’s Day.

    Interestingly, Ms. Jarvis detested the commercialization of this special day and protested
    its exploitation. Despite her protests, flower sales continued to grow. Ms. Jarvis passed
    away broke, childless and blind. Ironically, the florist exchange paid for her care anonymously.

    For more history and to see how other countries/cultures celebrate Mother’s Day read


    Did you Know?

    • - Mother’s Day is reportedly at $14 Billion dollar business.
    • - Retailers report it is the second highest gift giving day of the year behind Christmas.
    • - The majority of the 14 Billion dollars is spent eating out as restaurants report it is the
    • busiest day of the year.



    Fun Activities

    Looking for something exciting and different to do this Mother’s Day?

    Skydiving - I know it’s a stretch, but maybe you’re mom is a lot more adventurous than
    you think! Try

    Brunch or Dinner Cruise – As anyone who has ever been to a restaurant on Mother’s
    Day can tell you, it really is best to avoid them altogether. Why not break the mold with
    a Brunch or Dinner Cruise. If you live close to a city that offers them, this might be the
    perfect option! Try

    Picnic – This is a great idea for large families (especially if it’s a beautiful
    day) as it tends to be cheaper and generally less crowded than a restaurant. Try or an area park or beach your family enjoys.

    Take a Class – Spend quality time with your Mom in a learning environment! Try a
    cooking, exercise, sailing or pottery class for a special treat that keeps giving! Visit  http://

    Together Time – If your mom is athletic, why not sign up to participate in a local
    marathon together. All that time together training for the big day is certain to create
    lasting memories! Try

    Hot Air Baloon Ride – If you’re lucky enough to live near an area that offers hot
    air balloon rides, (and your mom isn’t afraid of heights) this could potentially be an
    incredibly memorable experience for you both. Try

    Hire a Maid – What Mom couldn’t use a break when it comes to household chores?
    Consider hiring a monthly cleaning service to help her out. Check out http://

    Crafty tip – If you have the time (and patience), why not create a Mom book! Think of
    all the time and effort she put into crafting your baby book, why not show her how much
    you adore her by making a book (or scrapbook) full of your favorite memories of her
    from childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Include lots of pictures!

    Don’t forget to check Plantlife for special gifts!

    However you choose to celebrate, we hope you and your family have a wonderful
    Mother’s day! Continue reading Continue Reading

  • Why Dr. Oz Recommended Plantlife Soaps

    When you hold a Plantlife soap bar, the first thing you’ll notice is the uplifting aromas. No, this is not just another pretty soap. Formulated to provide a healing, therapeutic and aromatherapy benefit, Plantlife soaps are hand-crafted with your skin’s health in mind so it’s excellent for people who are... Continue Reading

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