The Best Plantlife Insect Repelling Soaps

The warm rays of summer are upon us and the invitation of the outdoors is beckoning. But we’re not the only ones who enjoy the warmth of summer, bloodthirsty pests are out in force and looking for their next meal! Thankfully, nature has given us the plants and herbs necessary to ward off such pesky nibbling nuisances and while there are many forms of insect repellant, soap is often overlooked and can be a great first layer of defense against insects. That’s because when you bathe with a Plantlife soap, the natural oils and essential oils used in the soaps stay on your skin, hydrating and protecting.

Here is a list of the best Plantlife insect repelling soaps:

#1 Herbal Insect Soap

This soap is scientifically crafted to combat pests and is by far, one of the most effective Plantlife soaps for deterring pests. It’s comprised of a vast combination of nature’s finest bug repelling ingredients including: Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil - which has a light citrus aroma and is one of the most effective standalone natural insect repellants. states, “Lemon Eucalyptus based insect repellant products warded off insects for at least 7hrs.” Another key ingredient is Citronella Essential Oil, which belongs to the lemongrass family. While the Citronella plant itself is not as effective in deterring mosquitos, the essential oil has been classified as a natural bio-pesticide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Other key bug fighting ingredients are Organic Karanja Seed Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Lemon Balm Leaf. This soap not only wards off bites and stings but smells good!

#2 Peppermint Soap

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of Peppermint!? Mosquitos, ants and flies, that’s who. Peppermint is a wonderful natural insecticide that we as humans find pleasant. In a study done by Maleria Journal, researchers found Peppermint offered insect repelling action when applied to exposed body parts. If you enjoy the smell of Peppermint, you’ll want to experience the minty clean freshness of Plantlife’s Peppermint Soap this summer, to help keep your skin safe (and clean).

#3 Cedarwood Soap

Cedarwood is a species of Juniper with a fragrant smell that makes mosquitos, moths and fleas run for the hills. Cedarwood Essential Oil is one of the safest insect repellants and has been approved by the FDA to be used as a food preservative which kills bacteria and fungus in foods. The soothing woodsy blend in Plantlife’s Cedarwood Soap provides a gentle healthy cleanse while acting as a helpful pest deterrent.

#4 Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass is often used in the gardens where there are warmer climates to keep whitefly away. It also contains the natural compound, Citronella, which in oil form is effective at repelling insects. Plantlife’s Lemongrass Soap contains 100% pure Lemongrass essential oil and has a pleasant summer citrus aroma. It’s a fantastic fit for those looking to accentuate a bite-free summer experience.

#5 Neem Soap

Endemic to the Indian subcontinent, Neem has been used as a natural medicine for various forms of ailments and to repel insects, specifically Mosquitos. Indian based studies show Neem can be effective against Mosquitos for up to 12 hours and with its incredible antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties Plantlife’s Neem Soap is a highly effective product. This soap is packed with insect repelling ingredients including Organic Neem Leaf Powder, Organic Neem Seed Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil.

#6 Lavender Soap

Known for naturally inducing a sense of calm and relaxation, Lavender oil can be used to as a means to keep bugs away and has been used as an insect repellant for centuries to keep clothes and linens free from infestations of moths and other insects. Lavender soap is gentle and safe to use on pets and young ones – relax with Lavender Soap and leave the pests to go bug someone else.

#7  Patchouli Soap

Believe it or not, the earthy-sweet aroma that was quite popular during the 60’s also makes for a great insect repellent. Patchouli was shown in clinical studies as an effective repellant against various species of ants and mosquitos and like Lavender, has been used throughout the ages as a natural pest repellant. Enhance the mood and rejuvenate dry, cracked and aged skin with Plantlife’s Patchouli Soap, while its lingering aroma makes pests go take a hike

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